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Male bonny , 30 Rundu, NA NA Level: 15 aries Aries
Personality type: ESTJ
Relationship status: Single
Body type Average
Signup date: 13, Feb 2020

Hobbies in common: 0

Who am I

Im straight guy,likes to make jokes and go out with friends. i have a temper which i can control,

What do I do in my life

i spend most of my day with my family,

I’m good at

im good at doing my job which is welding

Favorite movie, series, book, music, song, food

i dont have any favorites,im into comedy and action movies,

I'm thinking a lot about

everyday i wake up i think of ways of how to change change the world by helping others who r in need of something

What I do during the weekend

i go out with friends for a few drinks

What kind of people do I like

I them all