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Daily Horoscopes

TUESDAY - JAN 17, 2017
Aries Aries
Taurus Taurus
Gemini Gemini
Cancer Cancer
Leo Leo
Virgo Virgo
Libra Libra
Scorpio Scorpio
Sagittarius Sagittarius
Capricorn Capricorn
Aquarius Aquarius
Pisces Pisces
Aries Aries Daily Horoscope
Today is the day for you to begin something new: preferably something you have been planning for quite some time! You may want to step up the pace a bit if you need to squeeze more work in.
Taurus Taurus Daily Horoscope
You're enmeshed with coworkers or neighbors in a new way: and you like how it's working out! It might be a good time for you all to start something new, or just to bond in a new venue.
Gemini Gemini Daily Horoscope
You're full of great mental energy, and finding inspiration all around you. The best part is that your friends or coworkers can pick up the various projects you get started on today!
Cancer Cancer Daily Horoscope
You might not have a nemesis, but it starts to feel like that by the end of the day. One person or organization in particular seems to have it out for you, but actually it's just a short-duration glitch.
Leo Leo Daily Horoscope
Your energy feels just right today, and you almost certainly find that people are paying attention to you when you speak. You may be able to sway opinion, if you care enough to take a stand!
Virgo Virgo Daily Horoscope
You stumble on something trivial midday, but it shakes you for a while. It's a good time to take a second look at your working or living arrangements and see if you can avoid this in the future.
Libra Libra Daily Horoscope
It's time to put that energy of yours to good use: romantically. Your ability to attract attention, or to focus it on your sweetie, is stronger than ever, so make the most of it while you can!
Scorpio Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Try to slow down today: things are too crazy! If you're patient, you can get enough done to call it a day, but if you try to rush anything through, you are sure to end up farther behind.
Sagittarius Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
You are being asked a few too many questions today: and you may have to answer them all! The good news is that almost all of them are seeking advice or basic info, rather than personal business.
Capricorn Capricorn Daily Horoscope
Indulge your art-loving side by visiting galleries, checking out new music online or finding some new way to look at the place you live. Your great energy is perfect for making life beautiful!
Aquarius Aquarius Daily Horoscope
Your friends need you to respond quickly when they need you today: and you should be able to use just a little bit of that good energy of yours to help! Make sure that they see you in action.
Pisces Pisces Daily Horoscope
Today brings at least one new way of seeing your situation: one that feels more balanced! It's a great day to start to feel normal again after a long period of wondering where you were headed.
Aries Love Horoscope
Leave 'em wanting more! A quick conversation with some interesting implications is so much better than getting into specifics or heavy stuff now. Let 'em know you like 'em, then let 'em come to you.
Taurus Love Horoscope
The biggest and best journeys still start with a single step. If you're busy planning out your love itinerary, stop getting ahead of yourself and get in the here and now. You'll see something you've been missing.
Gemini Love Horoscope
You're a natural-born flirt, and right now the stars are giving you even more of an extra edge in that department. Maybe it's because you're actually interested in what they have to say.
Cancer Love Horoscope
Making things happen in the realm of romance requires a little risk now. Keeping it casual and looking at 'em as potential friends first might help you get up the gumption to make a move (or several! ).
Leo Love Horoscope
New friends equal new possibilities, and they're very easy for you to make now. You never know when a friend might become more, and keeping it casual at the outset lets you get to know them pressure-free.
Virgo Love Horoscope
Attempts at romantic stuff could definitely go either way right now. Luckily, you can make them go much more positively simply by basing your choices on careful observation. As far as what you say, less may be more.
Libra Love Horoscope
Get up-to-date on the news of the day, the hot-button political issues, the latest must-read books and articles. When you meet someone new, engage them on an intellectual level and see if they wow you.
Scorpio Love Horoscope
If you're consciously trying to overlook something about a potential love interest: or if you're ignoring a nagging little feeling: ask yourself why. This deserves thought, not brushing aside.
Sagittarius Love Horoscope
Interactions have hidden layers of meaning now, but if you pay close attention, you'll be able to ascertain what's really going on. Bonus: it'll make those interactions that much more interesting.
Capricorn Love Horoscope
Keep the chit chat to a minimum, even if the other party is relentlessly running at the mouth. A few well-put sentiments, well-thought-out ideas, and meaningful looks put you in better stead than going on and on.
Aquarius Love Horoscope
Leave the same old compliments and tired red roses to those with more impoverished imaginations. You've got the creative power: not to mention the love oomph: to do it differently and do it better.
Pisces Love Horoscope
Keep the agenda loose, and keep that gorgeous mind of yours wide open to any and all suggestions! Even if you've got a date, be ready to change plans and do something spontaneous for added fun.
Aries Career Horoscope
A change of scenery could boost your career. Move closer to the home office or the most central location of your company. If you're already in the middle, there's no need to relocate: you're in the most auspicious place possible.
Taurus Career Horoscope
Consider scheduling a meeting next week with someone you would like to work with more often and let them know you want to take on a joint project. It should result in greater productivity and better recognition for the both of you.
Gemini Career Horoscope
Beware of workplace infighting in the coming week. The worst part about it is you may have to choose sides in a struggle that you know to be foolish and counterproductive. Do your best to hide, though it'll be almost impossible to escape the strife.
Cancer Career Horoscope
You're being watched, and that is nothing but good news for you and your colleagues. Supervisors, clients or even the media will catch you or your company at your peak, and the buzz generated will last for quite a while.
Leo Career Horoscope
Your pride might get a little bruised next week when someone you feel is less deserving gets recognition from outside or above. Instead of being jealous, try to let them have their moment: keep working for the time when you'll get yours.
Virgo Career Horoscope
Try to find new ways of helping people stay on top of their business next week. Colleagues and customers will energize you in a new way, and you will find that time spent communicating and collaborating is time well spent.
Libra Career Horoscope
During the coming week, check in on projects that have stalled out. You may find that the situation has shifted in subtle ways, and ultimately, you'll see a big difference. After all, productivity is relative: and often inconsistent.
Scorpio Career Horoscope
It should be a snap for you to complete almost any project on time and under budget in the coming weeks. It's a great time to pick up new ideas for the future as you crest a new wave and feel a powerful boost to your energy levels.
Sagittarius Career Horoscope
Your philosophy on life and your values definitely influence your outlook on your job: perhaps a slight career change is in order, or maybe something bigger. Consider how the largest issues guide you and keep you on track.
Capricorn Career Horoscope
When you find yourself in a work-related social situation next week, try to focus on the one person you think will afford you the greatest opportunity to advance your cause. It might feel manipulative, but it will work.
Aquarius Career Horoscope
Let the future take care of itself, and the past as well. You can't go back and fix the mistakes of the past week, and you certainly can't predict what's going to happen over the next few days. Focus on the issues at hand and clear your mind.
Pisces Career Horoscope
You will solve a big workplace mystery next week that will bring you a reassuring wave of adulation from your peers. Don't let your head get too big, but try to make sure there's time for an encore and plenty of adoration.
Aries Finance Horoscope
Your sense of adventure may surprise you, but not for long. You're having so much fun facing down your challenges that you almost feel like a kid again. It's just that joyous enthusiasm that helps you meet your goals.
Taurus Finance Horoscope
You feel like doing some crowing even though you have nothing to brag about. That shouldn't stop you, though. It's just one of those days, and the feeling you get from all the braggadocio is worth more than gold to you today.
Gemini Finance Horoscope
You're just batting some ideas around when suddenly everyone involved knows things have just gotten serious. The potential of the idea itself is like another person in the room with you. This could be your big hit if you put it in motion.
Cancer Finance Horoscope
Your ideas just keep getting bigger and better. Too bad their price goes up along with them. If you came up with a bargain basement proposition, though, you'll bring in bargain basement profits, so stick with what feels right and go for the funding.
Leo Finance Horoscope
Retaining your big heart has been your greatest achievement of the last two years, and it's been no small feat, either. Slogging away at the numbers might have gotten you down at times, but you never gave up. Now kick back and bask in the warmth of your self-confidence.
Virgo Finance Horoscope
You always look for your way out, almost before you get in. This time there is just too much happening for you to find the exit sign, much less think about bailing. It's a good feeling to be that busy for a change. Enjoy.
Libra Finance Horoscope
Don't just hope for a more profitable day tomorrow, or a better year, for that matter. Start doing whatever it takes to make it happen. That might mean pouring over the numbers for answers or it might mean humbling yourself and asking friends for their take on things.
Scorpio Finance Horoscope
You love a challenge, but the challenge before you today is not what you had in mind. Slaying financial dragons is fun, but the flamboyant animal before you is a horse of a different color. What must be butchered is your reaction itself.
Sagittarius Finance Horoscope
You'll get a windfall today but don't consider it a bonus. It is what it is: random, not earned. That should help you have fun with it instead of taking it too seriously. Besides, it's not exactly a dream vacation or a pot of gold.
Capricorn Finance Horoscope
It's not easy dealing with a certain business partner. Others don't see the same potential in them that you see, and it's starting to affect your ability to turn a profit. They are more deserving of your support than the doubters are, though, so hang in there until their real value shines through.
Aquarius Finance Horoscope
Your impulses are yanking you back and forth. You want to play it safe one minute and then you want to bet the farm. You know you have a sure thing, and then you can feel that loss is imminent. It's a good time to fold your hand.
Pisces Finance Horoscope
You wouldn't be so bold as to suggest to someone that they go on a diet, and you'll just have to bite your tongue when you can see them spending wildly. The finances of fellow workers are just not your problem. It's hard, even painful, but keep your opinions to yourself.
Aries Astro-slam
Try to save your thrill-seeking impulses for outside of the office today. Your co-workers already secretly think your brain isn't wired properly, so don't give them any more ammunition to justify that.

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Taurus Astro-slam
People will do stupid things that annoy you, but you need to be as tolerant as possible today. Think of this as a lesson in how to appear to be less arrogant and pompous than you actually are.

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Gemini Astro-slam
Keep your snarky comments to yourself today. People are aware that you're annoyingly opinionated, but they're liable to mistake your quips for just being mean. It's not cool that you get your kicks out of wearing people down.

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Cancer Astro-slam
A bargain hunter you're not, at least not today. Avoid going shopping at all costs otherwise you're going to end up with the most ostentatious item imaginable. Don't give people yet another reason to question your taste.

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Leo Astro-slam
You're not-so-secretly looking for props on a recent achievement, but no one's getting the hint. Stop acting like an insecure celebrity by constantly seeking everyone's approval. It makes you look weak.

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Virgo Astro-slam
You're itching to get your life organized, but those around you are making it impossible. It's always everyone else's fault. Try to be flexible so you can find more time to get stuff done.

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Libra Astro-slam
Others will look to you for answers today. Instead of doing them a disservice by speaking from your heart, simply repeat what they're saying to you. They already know the answers they want to hear, and you'll appear to be brilliant and helpful.

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Scorpio Astro-slam
Your flamboyant display of servitude to the company is irritating your boss. Now probably isn't the best time to ask for a raise. You might end up getting a pink slip instead.

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Sagittarius Astro-slam
It's the kind of day that you'll get an automatic upgrade if you're traveling by plane. But when you get to your seat, you find that you're surrounded by a screaming baby and someone who obviously doesn't wear deodorant. Moral of the story: what at first seems appealing usually ends up being loud and smelly.

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Capricorn Astro-slam
Be wary of tricky business practices today. Someone may try to con you and steal one of your ideas since you look dumber than you really are, or use resources that aren't theirs. Kidnap their blackberry until they admit to wrongdoings.

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Aquarius Astro-slam
You're full of contradictions today. You'll be saying something one minute and then changing your mind the next. Hey, did you ever think about going into politics? You're a natural.

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Pisces Astro-slam
Mind your own business today. You have enough problems of your own that you don't need to be meddling in theirs, too. God, you just live for drama, don't you?

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