Virgo Virgo Horoscope (Weekly BusinessScopes)
Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

This week could involve a major career breakthrough. With a lunar eclipse blasting through your ambitious twelfth house on november 30, unapologetically removing whatever is standing in the way of your success. Your abilities may be put to the test, giving you a chance to climb the ladder. With mercury in your brainy third house, it forms a sextile with saturn. So, there’s a chance that an idea you have now will be something you want to build on. However, the mood will shift by december 1, when mercury enters your cozy fourth house, encouraging you to take it easy. This is a beautiful time to spruce up your home office. You can’t create in a cluttered, uninspiring workspace. By december 3, you’ll be in a much more social mood, as the moon will be transiting your extroverted 11th house. However, by december 4, the moon will oppose pluto, jupiter, and saturn in your fifth house of self-expression, and what makes you different from others might cramp your ability to mesh with the crowd. Luckily, by december 5, the moon in your forgiving twelfth house will trine venus in your mental sector. Take your ego out of the situation.