Libra Libra Horoscope (Weekly BusinessScopes)
Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

The lunar eclipse on november 30 will shock your perspective. Spreading electricity throughout your expansive ninth house of wisdom, this lunar eclipse will push you out of your comfort zone and show you adventure. It will show you all the ways your thinking has been narrow-minded and it will open your mindset in a way that changes everything. You’re embracing this shift with steadiness, as mercury in your grounded second house forms a sextile with saturn in your creative fifth house. There is so much luck surrounding your career this week, especially on december 3. The moon in your ambitious tenth house will form a trine with venus, allowing you to feel good about where you’re going. However, your personal life may pull away your focus by december 4, when the moon opposes the pluto-jupiter-saturn stellium in your fourth house of family and roots. Don’t let your past dictate policy or hold you back from experiencing growth. You’re hitting your stride by december 5. Venus in your second house of money will form a trine with neptune in your sixth house of routine, paving the way for you to forge a steady stream of productivity and results.