Hermit tarot card

Read meanings of Hermit tarot card

Card position: Up
In its upright position this tarot card represents the positive side of solitude and knowledge gained. When the time comes for us to move on to college, it is common for this card to appear. You have the knowledge of your youth to carry with you, your recent diploma, and are moving forward into a new place. Whatever the case, the Hermit upright represents all the good of solitude.

Card position: Down
An enforced solitude, against one’s will. There are many ways this can come about, from incarceration, to a move to a place away from friends and family. It will be a difficult time, and no doubt sorrowful, as loneliness often accompanies enforced solitude. The inverted hermit can also represent willful ignorance, not just a lack of knowledge, but a choice to lack correct that situation.
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