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Female Lawanda , 46 Columbia, US US Level: 1 aries Aries
Personality type: ENFP
Karma points: 131
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Signup date: 14, Aug 2019


Who am I

I believe life without joy is a total waste! Hug ur loved ones and tell em u love em! Be a role model!

What do I do in my life

I take care of my elderly folks and jobs here and there! Gives joy!

I’m good at

Helping People, Loving, cooking, being cool Mom! I love to draw and watch DIY videos!

Favorite movie, series, book, music, song, food

Post Malone, like all kinds if music!

I'm thinking a lot about

My relationship

What I do during the weekend

Lots of stuff! Treasure hunting!

What kind of people do I like

Real 100% peeps