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Male Andrew , 23 Tucson, US US Level: 1 pisces Pisces
Personality type: Not set
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Signup date: 04, Nov 2019


His zodiac sign is pisces Pisces
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Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Chinese sign : Fire Ox
Lifepath number : 1

Daily Horoscope

Try to take care of any formal business today. Putting it off much longer is a drag on your energy and state of mind. Sign those papers and relax!

Daily Chinese Horoscope

It's a busy day for you. In fact, it's so busy that keeping everything organized could feel like a monumental task. Make sure you're keeping meticulous notes and writing everything down, whether it's phone numbers, lists, or inspired ideas. You need to be able to reference them later.

Daily Tarot Card

Knight of Wands

Do you hear the horn calling the battle charge? Ambition and motivation are the letter of the day, and nothing is going to stop your forward progress. But rein in those horses my friend, have you checked to make sure your impulsiveness isn’t leading you to trouble? It may be that your first reaction isn’t your best one. Keep the energy up, but take time to consider your forward motion lest you wind up in a trench.

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15 8 61 82 10 73 78