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Male Igboanugo , 61 Lagos, NG NG Level: 1 leo Leo
Personality type: ISTJ
Signup date: 02, Sep 2018


Hobbies in common: 0

Who am I

I go on evangelism, write on facebook @ lgboanugo Mac. on GOD'S Word, as it relates to man.

What do I do in my life

Working hard for the advancement of mankind.

I’m good at

Advancing myself & others for a better society.

Favorite movie, series, book, music, song, food

The holy bible, other good christian literatures, good christian music, good movies, & l eat what l desire when l wish.

I'm thinking a lot about

How to advance my life & that of others.

What I do during the weekend

Go to night vigil on friday night, & prepare for sunday service on saturday.

What kind of people do I like

You are interested in me as a soulmate > ladies only.