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Level 24
Profile views 11
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Gender Male Man
Zodiac cancer Cancer
Karma points 4067
Got gifts 12
Have fans 74
Personality type INFP
Relationship status Single
Body type Thin
Signup date 03, Nov 2018
Last activity 9 hours ago

Who am I

Mostly human

What do I do in my life

Living my life, working and traveling places

I’m good at

Everything i do, i do it good

Favorite movie, series, book, music, song, food

Lord of the rings, Deadpool

I'm thinking a lot about

Future, is what i'm thinking about, and good food 😅

What I do during the weekend

Traveling around, making some photos, enjoying drone flying

What kind of people do I like

If you from Africa, please dont waste your time, i wont answer, sorry. Its not because of race, its because of personal reasons


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