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Female Kohen , 41 Holetown, BB BB Level: 1 cancer Cancer
Personality type: INFJ
Relationship status: Single
Body type Average
Signup date: 04, Feb 2018


Hobbies in common: 0

Who am I

i love a good joke i like dancing n listening to music

What do I do in my life

being best that i can be

I’m good at

decoration and cooking for family

Favorite movie, series, book, music, song, food

I am interested in vegan life style but it can be little hard to adapt. love all kinds music but i mostly lisen to r&b reggae soca. can say i have a favorite book but i love a good book keep me in tune.

I'm thinking a lot about


What I do during the weekend

watching good movie and interacting with family

What kind of people do I like

If you're curious know something about me!