Kyle , 34 CA
Dieppe, Canada
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Who am I

Open, honest, passionate, creative. A rational minded day dreamer, wierd as that is, it works for me😊

What do I do in my life

Currently forging a new path.

I’m good at

Anything water related, it's my element in more ways than one. Listening and being able to see the same picture from different perspectives. Problem solving, smiling, being sassy.

Favorite movie, series, book, music, song, food

I love all of these things, in a wide variety. Music is anything but hard metal. Books are mostly fantasy, romance, adventure, but some key points in history peek my interest. Movies and show are endless except for sad ones, no fluffy animal movies or having to do with a terminal illness, can't do it. And food, love it, ill try it at least once but when it comes to spice I like a little heat, but i also like to taste my food not light my internal organs on fire.

I'm thinking a lot about

My future, where I want to be and how I am going to get there

What I do during the weekend

Random. Stay in, game night with friends, campfire, live band. I like to change it up.

What kind of people do I like

Ur curious


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