The Numbers of Astrology: 9 Number

How 9 Number Shows It's Effect?

Astrological meaning of number 9

NINE - The symbol of the world is the triangle with the three points: Heaven, Earth and Hell. Number nine symbolizes the whole that includes three worlds. The picture of the snake called Urobor who is eating its own tail symbolizes the revival and is very similar graphically to number 9. In the Indian mythology, there are nine successive incarnations of Vishnu, the divinity that represents sacrifice for the sake of the people. According to the Gospel, a book of the Bible with the set of four parts by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Jesus Christ was crucified at three o'clock, his agony started at six and he died at nine o'clock. This number is the symbol of the last phase of a voyage, the final bliss, the discovery of the whole through unifying love. Masonry make from nine timelessness number which means ''human immortality''. In their symbolism, number nine write growth down, to materialistic level. On human level nine is number of months which is needed to develop fetus although after seven months he is fully formated, but multiplication this two numbers (7x9) gives number 63, which represent average length of human life. 9s is only number which multiply by any number always reproduce himself (9x2=18, 1+8=9...). Number nine like the last number in the range signifies the beginning and the end, a transition to a new level. It symbolizes the end of the road, the finish of the cycle. THE QUALITIES OF PEOPLE WITH NUMEROLOGICAL 9 These people are wise, humane, communicative, courageous, helpful, sensible, sentimental, unselfish, intelligent, pleasant, impulsive, competitive, unpredictable, dynamic, and diligent. If they go through negative experiences in life, they may become vindictive, aggressive, obstinate, irritating, rash, stubborn, unstable, jealous, arrogant, nervous, neglectful and problematic.