The Numbers of Astrology: 7 Number

How 7 Number Shows It's Effect?

Astrological meaning of number 7

SEVEN - There are seven days in a week, seven levels of development, seventh heaven, seven angels in the hierarchy, seven rose petals, and so on. Number 7 appears 77 times in the Old Testament. It symbolizes energy and moral principles. In the Egyptian religion, this number symbolized the eternal life. It points to the whole cycle, a dynamic perfection. Each phase of the Moon lasts for seven days and after four such phases the lunar cycle is complete (7 x 4=28). The sum of first seven numbers (1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28) is the very number of the complete lunar cycle, 28. The sum of number 4, the symbol of four sides of the Earth, and number 3, the symbol of heaven, is number seven that represents the whole Universe in motion. Moreover, the sum of three theological principles of goodness (faith, hope and mercy) and four basic principles of virtuousness (care, temperance, righteousness and willpower) is number seven that is a symbol of a completely moral life. There are seven colors of a rainbow and seven notes in the diatonic scale that is based on the musical scale consisting of five tones and two semitones, i.e. a major and minor scale. Hippocrates (460 - 377 BC), greatest physician of antiquity regarded as the father of medicine, says that number seven ''keeps together all existing things with his secret power and it has effect on planets''. This number is the symbol of motion and transformation and all numerologists call it the magical number. THE QUALITIES OF PEOPLE WITH NUMEROLOGICAL 7 These people are independent, intelligent, obstinate, contemplative, unpredictable, reserved and skillful. If they go through negative experiences in life, they may become rebellious, suspicious, obsessive, annoyed, irritating, spiteful, aggressive, gossipy, self-centered, intolerant, impulsive, nervous, lonely, and critical and the ones who give false promises and hopes.