The Numbers of Astrology: 6 Number

How 6 Number Shows It's Effect?

Astrological meaning of number 6

SIX - Compared to number 5, number 6 is seen as macro cosmos against micro cosmos, the whole against the individual, the universal man against the particular man. In Masonic symbolism, number six signifies growth on spiritual level. THE QUALITIES OF PEOPLE WITH NUMEROLOGICAL 6 These people are joyful, amusing, charming, undemanding, warm, positive, hearty, loyal to their family, artistic, calm, tidy, a bit slow, attractive, sensual, responsible, helpful, unselfish, sentimental, and generous. If they go through negative experiences in life, they may become uninterested, lazy, neglectful, hedonistic, immoral, nervous, naive, dependent, anxious, passive, malicious.