New Features, updates and fixes

3 days ago
Block / Unblock users. Sometimes can be that some users show to much attention to you. You can go to their profile and block them. We will improve this feature and maybe we will add report function, to report people who are not worth to be here
3 days ago
Fixed user search. Try. Now we are testing new delete and block user system to secure site from people who act like animals.
3 days ago
List of zodiac signs. Check
5 days ago
Added more tasks to reach higher level. When you will reach new level it will be shown in timeline. Fixed questions booster, there was a problem that you could have boost question to yourself :D Improved web layout, now everything is in one place :)
6 days ago
User ranking. Global (worldwide) and local (in user country) user rank based on level and karma points. Best way to get highest rank - improve level and collect karma points. TODO create list users by rank worldwide & by country

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