New Features, updates and fixes

1 day ago
Private photos. You can safe upload private photos and others can see them only if they will ask you for a permission and you will approve it. Tte same is with others: if you want to see their private photos, you need to add a request for a permission to see them. Enjoy
3 days ago
Some updates and fixes: we added levels for users who done some of, let's say missions. For example: if you upload photo, you're 2nd level, if you will update description, you will be 3rd level and so on. It is like tutorial for new users to learn about functionality of site and competition for others. We fixed some bugs that were on Android devices, like not loaded pages or question answers correctly. Some new questions were uploaded and new updates are comming. We will group people by their answers, try to relate similar users and we will try to start working on feature - upload your own questions and answers :)
1 week ago
In user profiles we added two lists: 1. Most compatible users by zodiac sign 2. By character
1 week ago
Fixed registration for mobile phones and lot of small issues. Created zodiac facts.
3 weeks ago
New opportunity to buy 999 Karma Points for $ 9.99. Click on the pink star on top of site (left side). You will also donate us and we will buy some advertising to invite more people here. Thanks!

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