Virgo Virgo Horoscope (Monthly FitnessScopes)
Monday, January 20th, 2020

Yikes, virgo! It seems like the universe is conspiring against you by making it impossible to start your new year’s resolution. Your sneakers are missing, your gym membership has expired, and all the machines are full. Blame mars entering sagittarius on january 3 for these roadblocks. But don’t let these minor setbacks distract you from the big picture. Remember to stretch when jupiter opposes true node on the eighth. You’ll be tense. Opening your mind to new experiences can be difficult. Luckily, the full moon in cancer on january 10 sparks your interest in the latest wellness trend. Try it out! Don’t be surprised if you get checked out on the way to the elliptical machine on the thirteenth. Venus enters pisces, showing off how good you look. Stress might get the better of you when mercury enters aquarius on january 16. Take deep breaths. Don’t let it derail your health. Try to release some of that frustration when the sun enters aquarius on the twentieth by doing a few exercises your friends swear by. Clear your head with a relaxing jog when there's a new moon in aquarius on january 24. The crisp winter air will do wonders for you.

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