Virgo Virgo Horoscope (Monthly FitnessScopes)
Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Thanks to venus entering taurus and mercury going into retrograde on march 4, your hard work is going to pay off this month. You’re starting to see the results of your efforts and you love it! Keep up the good work! However, even if you’re getting results, you can always improve your routine. When the full moon is in your sign and mercury goes direct on the ninth, look at your current plan and see if you can make it even better. Keep a positive attitude when mercury enters pisces on march 16. It’s easy to be your own worst critic and get into a negative mindset, but those thoughts will drag you down. Good vibes are good for your health. Don’t skip any meals when the sun enters aries on the nineteenth. You need to eat and eat right. Get social at the gym when saturn enters aquarius on march 21. It will boost your mood and health. Continue to blend working out and hanging out when the new moon is in aries on the twenty-fourth. Do yoga together! Take another look at your wellness routine when mars enters aquarius on march 30. Do you love it?

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