Taurus Taurus Horoscope (Monthly FitnessScopes)
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Feeling stuck in a fitness rut, taurus? Why not make a change? The full moon in pisces on september 1 encourages a fitness makeover to help you out of the monotony. Continue to make changes when mercury enters libra on the fifth, whether it’s taking an online cooking class or getting the advice of a personal trainer. While difficult at first, try to relax when mars turns retrograde on september 9. All this time sitting still will lead to important self-discovery. Make some fitness plans with a friend when jupiter turns direct on the twelfth. Even if you’re just video chatting while riding stationary bikes, you’ll feel more connected and motivated. Enjoy the progress your new health routine has given you when the new moon is in virgo on september 17. You’re doing great! You might be tempted to start toward an ambition fitness goal as the sun enters libra on the twenty-second. Before you do, make sure you’re physically and mentally up for the challenge. Resist temptation when mercury enters scorpio on september 27. Don’t let the couch lure you away from doing your yoga. Use saturn turning direct the next day to show off all your fitness success from this month, maybe with a cute workout selfie?

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