Taurus Taurus Horoscope (Monthly FitnessScopes)
Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Your mind has been racing a mile a minute lately, taurus. You just can’t seem to calm down, which isn’t good for your mental health. When venus enters your sign on march 4, instead of focusing on cardio, focus on yoga and deep breathing. You’ll feel calmer in no time! When mercury goes direct and there’s a full moon in virgo on the ninth, start analyzing your current health. Have you been skipping the gym a lot? What is your body trying to tell you? Relaxation is key to your overall health this month. When mercury enters pisces on march 16, take a “me” day and pamper yourself a little. And don’t you dare look at your phone! Stress might pressure you to rush through the day when the sun enters aries on the nineteenth, but take a minute to just breathe. Vesta entering gemini on march 21 might interrupt your workout. Don’t overthink why you aren’t making your fitness goals. Just keep trying. When the new moon is in aries on the twenty-fourth, put your nervous energy to use by doing some light cardio. Don’t push it, however, because mars entering aquarius the next week could lead to injuries. Be careful!

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