Taurus Taurus Horoscope (Monthly BusinessScopes)
Friday, August 7th, 2020

This is a time for your earthy sign to step out of the fray and give your approach a little spark of creativity. You've got some star power supporting you, especially as the full moon in aquarius shimmers through your personal zone of career, purpose, and development on august 3. You might have an honest conversation with an acquaintance that piques your interest and sends you down a road of self-discovery. You’re more inclined to do some research into what you really want for yourself as opposed to what society has expected of you over the years. It’s time to think outside the box now. You've really got nothing to lose, even if it feels that way at times. The entry of venus into compassionate cancer livens the energy on the seventh, giving your spirit a lift and bringing out your inner artist. You'll feel your zeal return throughout this cycle, which can propel your career options forward if you’ve felt stuck in a rut for an extended period of time. You'll feel more appreciated at work and even have plenty of chances for financial prosperity as your home planet venus continues to receive universal gifts with a dynamic trine to neptune on august 27 as well!

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