Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope (SexScopes)
Friday, October 23rd, 2020

October starts with a bang as the full moon in aries on october 1 and venus entering virgo the next day make you wickedly seductive. You can use your charms to lure anyone you want into bed. No need for love spells, scorpio, you have all the magic you need to heat up an october night. Sex is even more sensual when pluto goes into direct on the fourth, utterly spellbinding your lover. As mercury retrogrades in your sign on october 13, try not to be too hard on your lover. Retrogrades are difficult on everyone. And please, don’t let your obsessing nature get the better of you. Luckily, the new moon in libra on the sixteenth allows you to bring your creative side to the bedroom. Are you interested in vampire role-playing? As the sun enters your sign on october 22, the same day vesta enters virgo, expect deep conversations with your lover, making you vulnerable without taking off your clothes. Unfortunately, venus entering libra on the twenty-seventh dampens your sex drive because you have trouble deciding if you should commit or play the field. Luckily, the full moon in taurus on halloween makes you irresistible again.

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