Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope (Monthly BusinessScopes)
Friday, August 7th, 2020

You need to have some important conversations with some of your colleagues throughout this month. There's a major shift in the energy, and you’re picking up on this power dynamic on an extremely personal level. Sometimes the difficulties you have with others are really just about them and how they’re feeling on any given day. You can’t control what others are doing, but you can keep yourself grounded and committed to the job you have right now. A very strong square between mars in feisty aries and pluto in grounded capricorn on august 13 (but in effect for two days before and after that date) is meant to open up your mind to new possibilities surrounding your current routines and correspondence. You might not yet know how to decipher what someone else is thinking or doing, but it will soon be revealed to you. If a competitor or former colleague hasn't been acting in the greatest light, you’ll soon understand their intentions and be able to make an informed decision that will both feel freeing and bring you added independence. This is a time to test your ultimate strength and mental stamina. There's also a chance for financial reward as venus floats through cancer through much of the month and opposes transformative pluto on the thirtieth.

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