Pisces Pisces Horoscope (SexScopes)
Thursday, December 12th, 2019

A dreamy romantic, you sometimes pretend your life is a cheesy holiday movie. However, this holiday is a lot more stressful than sexy this year. Blame jupiter moving into capricorn on december 2 for this lack of lovin’. Don’t force yourself into a relationship that isn’t working. Take a break from romance, and by the ninth, mercury will enter sagittarius and you’ll get your groove back. Don’t swipe right on every cutie you see. Use the full moon entering gemini on december 11 to take yourself on a fun holiday date (and give yourself an orgasm later). Communication becomes an issue with your latest date on the twentieth. Venus enters aquarius, giving you mixed signals. What do you want, pisces? If your love life is causing you heartache, ask your besties for some advice on december 21, when the sun enters capricorn. They’ll know how to help. Unwind from the holiday stress on the twenty-fifth, when the new moon is in capricorn, by giving yourself a self-care day and opening that vibrating present you bought. End 2019 by attending a new year’s party. Mercury enters capricorn on december 28, and you might meet someone who’ll love to spend the new year with you.

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