Pisces Pisces Horoscope (SexScopes)
Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

You have sex on the brain this month, pisces. Blame this naughtiness on venus entering flirty gemini on april 3. It’s fun to unleash your inner sexual beast, but if you’re with the wrong lover, your orgasms could end in heartbreak. However, if you’ve found someone amazing, bring them to your bedroom when the full moon is in libra on the seventh. Enjoy! Mercury leaves your sign and enters aries on april 10, making you stressed about your current relationship. You might feel like you’re being too impulsive. Sometimes the best decisions are made on the fly. Just go with the flow. The sun enters taurus on the nineteenth, bringing you new insight into your relationship. Your lover shows you a brand-new side of them that could change everything. The best night to get your freak on is when the new moon is in taurus on april 22. A hot date could lead to a passionate night. Prepare to take your relationship to the next level when ceres enters your sign on the twenty-fourth. It’ll be rewarding. Celebrate your new relationship with a lot of lovemaking when mercury enters taurus on april 27. Endorphins don’t always have to come from the gym.

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