Libra Libra Horoscope (SexScopes)
Thursday, December 12th, 2019

You’re a hopeless romantic, libra, and you love cheesy holiday movies. Well, thanks to jupiter entering capricorn on december 2, you’ll get your own cheesy romance. Indulge in clichés like building a snowman, baking cookies, and doing some naughty things in bed. Your sexual energy continues to rise on the ninth, when mercury enters sagittarius. You could be caught under the mistletoe—multiple times! The full moon in gemini on december 11 gives you the confidence to take the lead in the bedroom. You usually love to play coy, but your lover will be turned on by your domination. But no matter how rough you get in bed, make sure you do plenty of cuddling after, especially when venus enters aquarius on the twentieth. Spooning is sexy! Use the winter solstice on december 21 to get some clarity on your romantic situation. The sun will be in capricorn, making you more direct and focused. You’ll use these qualities to make your lover moan on the twenty-fifth. The solar eclipse in capricorn increases your bond and sex drive. Stay in with your sweetheart when mercury enters capricorn on december 28, increasing your communication. This love is the real deal!

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