Libra Libra Horoscope (Monthly BusinessScopes)
Friday, August 7th, 2020

This month could prove to be quite refreshing for your airy sign of the scales. An intellectually stimulating aquarius full moon opens up this energy on august 3, electrifying your personal zone of cultivating self-expression and bringing life to your unique creative ideas. There's brilliance in your flow as your home planet venus floats into the sign of cancer on the seventh, asking you to make a self-serving career decision that you've been preparing for during the last few months (or even years). Even as you are met with some dynamic changes through the opposition of mars in aries to your sign, you’re able to see through the challenges and give yourself extra time to seize the day! You’re able to take a small seed of faith and grow an entire garden before your very eyes. Be open to a new outlook on financial prosperity, especially as venus in cancer undergoes a tremendous sextile to uranus in gracious taurus on august 18. You'll be closing the month with a miraculous gift from the cosmos as the goddess planet of love and money trines neptune in sensitive pisces on the twenty-seventh, making your efforts a true work of art that is well received by your peers.

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