Libra Libra Horoscope (Monthly BusinessScopes)
Friday, January 24th, 2020

Happy new year! As you enter january, your ruling planet venus is in aquarius, your creative sector, drawing you to take risks, be creative, experiment, and innovate. You’re between eclipses (with a stellium of planets in capricorn, including the recent capricorn new moon and solar eclipse), restructuring the foundation of your life, business, and professional situation. On january 10, the cancer full moon and eclipse mark the end of an 18-month phase of transformation in a professional situation, moving your career to a whole new level. But first, this is also the end of a chapter and cycle, asking you to release ambitions and a job you’ve outgrown as you step into the fullness of your potential. Also, dig deeper into your childhood to release self-limiting beliefs as you move forward. This is not just about your success or public image. It’s also about authenticity. Mars in sagittarius highlights negotiations with partners and associates. Be open-minded and seek solutions. Allow yourself to question childhood beliefs of what success means, and enter a deeper questioning of what it means to you. Then you can make choices and build your success on a solid foundation that is aligned with an inner truth.

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