Leo Leo Horoscope (SexScopes)
Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

New year, new insecurities? You usually walk around like you’re a sex god, but lately the thought of flirting gets you flustered. You need your confidence back! Luckily, mars enters sagittarius on january 3 to boost your self-esteem. Instead of putting on a brave face for your lover, use jupiter’s opposition the north node on the eighth to be vulnerable with them. You’ll be surprised by how supportive they can be. You get your sexy back when the full moon is in cancer on january 10. You’re ready to show off what you’ve got and let your freak flag fly. But don’t let these good vibes go to your head. Venus entering pisces on the thirteenth will keep your ego in check. Focus on your partner’s needs and give them some special attention. You’ll be rewarded when mercury enters aquarius on january 16, giving you a wild night of romance. If your sex drive still hasn’t returned by the twenty-fourth, it might be time to get a little help from your friends. The new moon is in aquarius that day, making you open to new ideas. Try out those new ideas when ceres enters aquarius on january 31. Experimenting can be kinky.

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