Leo Leo Horoscope (SexScopes)
Saturday, September 19th, 2020

Summer may be over, but your month is still hot when the full moon is in pisces on september 1. You have an intimate connection with your lover that makes the sex intense. However, indecision about commitment freezes romance when mercury enters libra on the fifth. As venus enters your sign the next day, shine the spotlight on your lover by giving them extra attention during foreplay. Listen to their needs when mars turns retrograde on september 9. You could learn something. While you’re falling faster than autumn leaves, don’t lose your head when jupiter turns directs on the twelfth. Is your lover all they seem to be? Don’t let your vanity overrule your judgment during the new moon in virgo on september 17. Just because they’re hot doesn’t mean they’re a great person. You’ll feel sexiest when juno enters scorpio on the twentieth. Use that energy to seduce someone when the sun enters libra two days later. A picture is worth a thousand words when mercury enters scorpio on september 27. Send a hot photo to get them interested. Reflect on your current situation when saturn turns direct the next day. Are your needs being met? If not, let that lover go.

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