Leo Leo Horoscope (SexScopes)
Monday, June 1st, 2020

Getting intimate with someone new could unearth some old insecurities for you when the full moon is in scorpio on may 7. However, don’t get defensive and growl. Your lover could just be admiring your body. Enjoy this new affair. Romance continues to heat up when saturn turns retrograde on the tenth. Should you get serious with your latest flame? Discuss it in bed. Use your words to express your needs when mars enters pisces and venus goes retrograde on may 12. Don’t assume that a night of sensual lovemaking means that you’re getting what you really want out of the relationship. Assume nothing. Jupiter turning retrograde on the fourteenth brings a series of mixed signals, making your sex life complicated. Don’t forget about your needs, leo. Thankfully, your sex drive kicks into high gear when the sun enters gemini on may 20. Sparks lead to a burning passion that will leave you feeling hot. This magical sexual energy continues when the new moon is in gemini on the twenty-second, leaving you spellbound. While your sex life may be hot and heavy, don’t give any love advice when mercury enters cancer on may 28. It’ll just sound like bragging.

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