Leo Leo Horoscope (SexScopes)
Friday, July 10th, 2020

Summer may not be as hot as you’d hoped, but things start to turn around as retrograde saturn enters capricorn on july 1. Time to get your groove back! However, just because you’re eager to jump into romance doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way. Play it cool or you may hurt some feelings. Pesky reality gets in the way of your sexy daydreams when ceres goes into retrograde on the seventh. You’ve got to put in the work if you want a sweet reward. The chiron retrograde on july 11 brings some unwelcome competition for the object of your desire. Don’t let the green-eyed monster bring out the worst in you. Fortunately, your luck turns around by the time mercury goes into direct on the twelfth. Your charms are on full blast. Romance becomes sensual when the new moon is in cancer on july 20. You are eager to get your flirt on. You feel extra sexy when the sun enters your sign on the twenty-second. You’re too hot to handle, and your nude game is on fire! As jupiter sextiles neptune on july 27, get ready for some unexpected excitement from your love interest. Have fun!

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