Leo Leo Horoscope (Monthly FitnessScopes)
Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

You’ve got a lot of energy this month, but not much direction. As retrograde saturn goes into capricorn on july 1, you’re more interested in working on your tan than working out. It might be hard to drag yourself away from your lounge chair, but you’ll feel great once you get your body moving! Don’t be impatient if you miss your goals when the full moon is in capricorn on the fourth. There may be bigger issues you need to work on. Video chat with a friend while you’re working out when mercury goes back into direct on july 12. You’ll be more motivated and feel better knowing you have someone to keep you company and accountable. Plus, you’ll feel less lonely. Whatever gets you moving is always a good thing. As the new moon enters cancer on the twentieth, take your fitness plan on the go—even if it means moving it to the living room. Keep active by working out during your favorite shows. It will feel much better than lying on the couch. You’ll be feeling like the powerful lion you are as the sun enters your sign on july 22. Strong, fierce, and full of energy!

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