Gemini Gemini Horoscope (SexScopes)
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

Whoa, gemini! Your magnetism is on full blast this month. However, be careful when the full moon is in pisces on september 1. You may be looking for a fling, but they want a commitment. Set boundaries early. Mercury enters libra on the fifth, giving you a tricky romantic problem to solve. Use your sharp intellect to figure it out. Explore new sexual horizons when venus enters leo on september 6. If there’s a kink you’ve been yearning to try, go for it. The retrograde of mars on the ninth creates a power imbalance between you and your latest flame. You don’t mind being dominated in bed, but don’t let anyone push you around. Stand up for yourself, especially when the new moon is in virgo on september 17. Stay in when juno enters scorpio on the twentieth. You are more than capable of having a sensual night solo. Play it cool when the sun enters libra two days later. You’re horny, but there’s no need to act desperate. You’ll feel your sexiest when mercury enters scorpio on september 27. Everyone will fall under your love spell! End the month with some self-care when saturn turns direct the next day. You’re gonna need it.

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