Cancer Cancer Horoscope (LoveScopes)
Monday, November 30th, 2020

You’ve always been a people pleaser, cancer. In the bedroom, you give way more than you get. However, as mercury goes direct in libra on november 3, it’s time to take a stand and ask for fairness when it comes to pleasure. You deserve to get off, too. Continue focusing on your pleasure when ceres enters pisces on the ninth. Are there any fantasies you wish to explore? Keep an open mind when mercury enters scorpio on november 10. Your pillow talk could lead to some deep conversations that change your perspective and even arouse you. Stay home while mars goes direct in aries on the thirteenth. Your body may be willing, but you’re not emotionally ready for intimacy right now. Instead, wait for the new moon in seductive scorpio on november 14, when you’ll feel your sexiest. You’ll feel great physically and emotionally and you’re ready for a little lovin’. These good vibes continue to the twenty-first, when venus is in scorpio and the sun is in sagittarius. You’re feeling attractive and powerful. Communicate all your naughty fantasies when the lunar eclipse is in gemini on november 30. You might be in for a wicked treat.