Cancer Cancer Horoscope (Monthly FitnessScopes)
Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

As a water sign, you’re used to feeling more than the average person, but this month is certainly bringing out the waterworks thanks to mercury retrograde in aquarius on march 4. You’re just emotionally drained. Cure the spring blues with a nice, relaxing walk or a trip to the sauna. Don’t bury your feelings when mercury goes direct and there’s a full moon is in virgo on the ninth. It’s not good for your overall health. By the time mercury enters pisces on march 16, you’ll be feeling much better both emotionally and physically. Still, don’t push this new good mood. The sun entering aries three days later could increase the risk of injury if you impulsively push yourself. Know your limits. Do something relaxing that still keeps you active, like a nice swim, when saturn enters aquarius on the twenty-first. Practice your yoga poses when the new moon is in aries on march 24. Being flexible (in every way) will benefit you in the long run. Go to the gym with a friend when mars enters aquarius on the thirtieth. It will make you more connected with your friend as well as boost your mental and physical health.

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