Cancer Cancer Horoscope (Monthly BusinessScopes)
Saturday, May 30th, 2020

This month brings a sense of taking two steps forward and one step back as three planets station retrograde. But even if something initially feels like a setback, this is opening new doors to you and showing you opportunities you previously missed. As you enter the month, the sun is in taurus, highlighting your networks, community, and connections. On may 4, the sun meets mercury, followed by the scorpio full moon three days later, bringing information or a chance to reach for a dream opportunity. Saturn stations retrograde on the tenth, bringing changes in financial or business partnerships and situations and highlighting tax matters, contracts, shared resources, and power dynamics. Take stock of your financial investments and business partnerships, and realign with your values surrounding collaborations and money. Then you can strengthen connections that are mutually supportive and profitable and draw lines where necessary. As venus stations retrograde on may 12, and remains so until june 24, you may secretly feel divided or have second thoughts about a financial situation. Or you might wonder who you can trust. You needn’t share your business with the world, but avoid shady dealings. Keep partners on a need-to-know basis, and move slowly until you have all the facts. Partnerships might stall or backtrack, especially as jupiter stations retrograde on the fourteenth. You’re discovering the potential in partnerships and underlying layers or reconnecting with partners and opportunities. Don’t be too proud to accept the help on offer. Just remember that everything has a price. It isn’t worth selling your soul to get ahead. On may 22, the gemini new moon draws you inward to clarify a soul mission and listen to your inner voice. Your horizons are widening, and you’re making surprising connections that can help you further your ambitions. Be patient as you move through this process of discovery. On the twenty-eighth, mercury, the planet of communication, enters cancer, bringing you the information you need to restructure arrangements as you reach for a dream.

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