Aries Aries Horoscope (SexScopes)
Sunday, July 12th, 2020

As retrograde saturn enters capricorn on july 1, you’ll wonder if your object of desire is actually into you. Don’t chase someone who’s running away from you, aries. You’re too hot for that. Use the full moon in capricorn on the fourth to get your confidence back. Forgiving your past romantic mistakes will make you feel so much better. Thankfully, your self-confidence improves when chiron goes into retrograde on july 11. A cutie could slide into your dms that will put you on cloud nine. Make it official after mercury goes back into direct on the twelfth. You’re going to want to lock them down soon. Romance gets a little sticky when the new moon is in cancer on july 20. You aren’t used to talking about your feelings with your new lover. Ask a friend for romance advice or your new flame may fizzle out. Continue to communicate with your lover when the sun enters leo on the twenty-second. Play your cards right and you could have a sexy video date. As jupiter sextiles neptune on july 27, don’t sweat the small stuff. Getting into fights about the little things won’t give you the satisfaction you crave. Stay chill, aries.

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