Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope (LoveScopes)
Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Sure, you have a million things to do before 2021 begins, but you only have dirty things on your mind right now. Blame mercury entering sagittarius on december 1 for seducing you away from your responsibilities. At least you’ll have a fun night even if you get nothing done. You feel sexiest when pallas enters your sign on the seventh, making you so hot you could melt ice. Continue to heat things up in the bedroom by trying something new when the total solar eclipse is in sagittarius on december 14. It could be mind-blowing. Find innovative ways to beat the stress—ones that will put you on the naughty list—when venus enters sagittarius the next day. Connect with your lover on an intimate level when saturn and jupiter enter your sign on the sixteenth and nineteenth, respectively. It will make the sex even hotter. Make time for your loved ones when mercury and the sun enter capricorn on december 20 and december 21, respectively. Drag yourself out of your lover’s arms for a few minutes to video chat with your family. They’ll be happy to see you, aquarius. Spend the full moon in cancer on the twenty-ninth figuring out ways to make 2021 orgasmic.