Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope (Monthly Overview)
Monday, January 27th, 2020

There’s a full moon in calm, nurturing cancer to look forward to on january 10. The coinciding lunar eclipse can bring a range of emotions, but controlling them will be difficult. Try to enjoy the roller coaster for the next couple days. Information-focused mercury moves into your tech-savvy sign on the sixteenth, so you’ll want to explore new and slightly offbeat innovations even more than you already do. This is the perfect time to go to a tech fair or explore new apps and tech gadgets from around the world. You’re completely open-minded now, so the weirder the find the better! Mercury squares your home planet uranus on january 18, bringing potentially shocking news or an unexpected change of plans. Yes, you can roll with the waves, but as a fixed sign, major or surprise changes aren’t always welcome. Communication mishaps are also likely, so you won’t have your safety net to fall back on. Stay as flexible as possible. Perhaps the biggest planetary event for you this month is when the sun enters your imaginative, unpredictable sign on the twentieth. It’s your turn to shine and show people your true (and perhaps hidden) talents. Your friendliness is attractive to others, so making new friends is probable now. The future looks bright, aquarius!

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