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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

This site is for curious people who are interested in themselves and others. This includes daily horoscopes, tarot cards, psychology, astrology. Our website aims to provide the maximum of information that the consumer is convenient to use. The site has Karma Points system, representing activity of the members. The main idea of the site developers - to unite as much as possible peaceful, friendly, creative and spiritual people without distinguishing between the better and worse. Perhaps equality is not possible in real life, but in a virtual reality, almost anything is possible!

Social Questioneri game
We do not want to make you feel weary and monotonous like other Astro-webs. However, we have planned out the way you can communicate with other members around the world. You just need to visit the profile of the person you want to talk, and the simple click of the ask button that is provided on the user’s profile. You will be provided with 5 questions, choose one, whichever you want to ask. Your question will be received the other person instantly, and she/he can answer it. Communicate and have fun!

Why should I play?

For each asked question you will receive 1 Karma Point and for each answered question 1 Karma Point!

Karma Points represents our users activity. Users with best Karma will appear to top and will be allways visible.

How to get Karma Points?

  1. All new registered users will get + 50 Karma Points (KP)
  2. Each answered question on Questions Game + 1 KP
  3. Each asked question on Questions Game + 1 KP
  4. One Chat Message + 1 KP
  5. For logging in every day + 10 KP
  6. List will be updated

Registered and logged in users have privileges. First, you will get personalised daily horoscopes, chinese horoscopes, you will see the compatibility match between you and other members, you will have your own profile, every day you will get daily tarot card, personal lucky numbers and more. Our members appear to user list, they can check who visited their profile and they can play Question Game.

How To Sign Up?
Just click on allowed social network icon and your profile will be created in 10s. Then you will be allowed to change any data, photo, privacy or even delete your account