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Daily Chinese Horoscopes

Ox Ox
Goat Goat
Rat Rat
Snake Snake
Dragon Dragon
Tiger Tiger
Rabbit Rabbit
Horse Horse
Monkey Monkey
Rooster Rooster
Dog Dog
Pig Pig
Ox Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
You're presently endowed with tremendous energy, but you must control yourself in order to avoid excesses that might bring about unfortunate consequences. It's rigor that will be paying in the career domain. You'll have the possibility to consolidate your position progressively thanks to strict discipline and scrupulous respect. Don't let yourself be worked up by the animosity of one of your neighbors; try to remain serene in the face of their provocations.
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Goat Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
Edginess may not be avoidable; reduce your consumption of red meat, alcohol, coffee and tea. Buckle down to personal projects and give free rein to your imagination. Your love affairs will be rather tumultuous, for you'll often act on the spur of the moment. Beware of heated discussions! You must show what you're capable of if you want to progress in your work.
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Rat Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
You'll be in excellent physical form. You'll attach increased importance to your external appearance. It's not ideas that will be lacking; moreover, you'll know how to act. Nevertheless, avoid going it alone, accept exterior help. You won't always show enough objectivity in your conjugal relationships, which will sometimes lead you to bad faith. Conflicts with your spouse may arise if you persist in your errors.
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Snake Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
This sentimental climate is explosive and tender at the same time. You'll love with ardor and passion, and you'll lose your reason and heart for your beloved. Let yourself go so as to maintain your joy of living, or the planetary turbulence will threaten your nervous balance. You'll experience happiness in sharing unforgettable moments with your near ones. There will be no more of the anguishes and fears which have often seized you without valid reasons.
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Dragon Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
You'll be tempted to be suspicious toward your spouse or mate. You won't let them have a single minute of respite, and they'll have difficulty recovering their breath! New undertakings could meet with so many delays that they'll seem to have little chance of success. But in spite of it all, you can bring what's underway to a successful conclusion and harvest congratulations.
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Tiger Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
You'll have the possibility of obtaining an important promotion in your career, so be enterprising and diplomatic at the same time. Remember to lift with your knees if your back acts up. Stop taking refuge in your ivory tower; lead an active social life instead. Try to keep your cool under all circumstances even though people may seek to drive you round the bend.
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Rabbit Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
It's a favorable day for sentimental encounters and projects. You'll have good evolution at work but it'll be necessary to avoid dispersion. Your tendency to assume too many responsibilities must be thwarted; don't take everything under your charge. Give friendship a better place in your life. Don't play at dictators with your family. Assume your errors gracefully; other people aren't responsible for them.
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Horse Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
When matters of the heart go well, everything goes well; but as soon as a small sentimental disappointment affects you, you feel utterly lost. Don't let a small setback weaken your morale. The climate is favorable for a solution to urgent pecuniary problems. You can now pay an old debt. Your children will be a subject of joy for you. It's important to let off your brimming energy by playing a sport or engaging in exercise.
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Monkey Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
Don't hesitate any longer at work; take daring initiatives instead. Your head will be vulnerable to all kinds of affections. Let your heart lead you instead. You'll be concerned about your material situation, but your fears are not founded. Take your time and you'll be efficient in more than one field. Make sure you get enough rest.
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Rooster Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
You'll observe your mate with prudence and a critical eye, but don't be so touchy and jealous as there's no swindle in this moment. Don't ask yourself too many questions and don't dramatize anything. You'll be powerfully motivated for success, and the stars keep you from taking useless risks. If you treat yourself without consulting a doctor, know that self-medication often puts your health at risk.
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Dog Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
You've been sufficiently concerned with problems of all kinds, but you're now entering a calmer and more constructive cycle. You'll conjugate the verb love in all its tenses. You'll feel harmony and sentimental balance across the line. You'll feel so happy you'll even want to stop time. Taking risks in the business field is a spice that pleases you, but today such tactics won't be favorable. You'd be well advised to stick to prudence.
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Pig Chinese Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
You'll live at a hectic tempo and risk being on your last legs when it comes to being at the best of your form. Don't embark on audacious financial deals and follow the advice of specialists. Your sentimental life could be subjected to a sudden and surprising change. Don't play at policemen with your close ones; they are free to act any way they like.
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Chinese signs and Chinese horoscope

Chinese signs are actually a group plan which assigns a creature and its presumed credits to every year in a repeating order. Chinese signs are actually total 12 which mean it is a cycle of 12 years. It is estimation to the 11.86 year orbital time of Jupiter which is the greatest planet of our planetary group. The planet Jupiter and its varieties stay prominent in a few East Asian nations including Cambodia, China, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Thailand and additionally the Buddhist date-book. This Chinese collection of signs is termed as “Zodiac” which is similar to the superficialities of Western zodiac. Both of them have the time cycles are which are divided into 12 parts. Most of the signs are named on the name of animals. Each of the signs is linked with a specific culture. Each sign describes specific personality of a person which is not identical with the others signs. However, the main difference between Chinese and Western zodiac is that, Chinese 12 cycle parts are linked with years while the Western zodiac is parallel to months.

The Chinese 12 zodiac depends on 12 animals. In western zodiac, some of the signs are of animals only. These zodiac animals are used to give date to the years. A person can find his/her Chinese animal zodiac from birth year according to the Chinese yearly calendar. These signs are known as rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. It is considered that people have a strong link with the animals’ year. Chinese believe that the personality of a person depends a lot on the year he/she is born. This belief is similar to the western zodiac signs. Some of the signs are exact matches while some are only a bit well-matched.