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Daily Chinese Horoscopes

Ox Ox
Goat Goat
Rat Rat
Snake Snake
Dragon Dragon
Tiger Tiger
Rabbit Rabbit
Horse Horse
Monkey Monkey
Rooster Rooster
Dog Dog
Pig Pig
Ox Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
Be sure to continue your careful spending habits today or you may end up wasting money on something unnecessary. Your home life might be disrupted if you turn a discussion of differing opinions with a family member into an argument because of stubbornness. Be sure to get some physical exercise to work out anxiety, even if it's just a walk.
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Goat Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
This is a bad day for doing anything with your investments or making major expenditures. There could be romantic problems if your partner tends toward anxiety and pessimism. At home, you may be forced to make a decision that you've been putting off.
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Rat Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
You could have success working on a project at home with the entire family cooperating and helping. When it comes to socializing with other people, you may be too worried to enjoy yourself. It might be best to spend some time alone doing mental puzzles or watching a movie with your family.
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Snake Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
You should have an enjoyable time with friends today by being thoughtful and supportive. In your leisure time, you might want to work on creative projects or mentally challenging puzzles. With a calm and contented day, your health should be doing fine.
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Dragon Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
You need to be very cautious with your money on this unfortunate day. Think before speaking too quickly and starting an argument with a family member. It might be best to spend most of the time alone. Be wary of accidents and try to do things that aren't too physical.
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Tiger Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
You should be able to have an enjoyable time today. Your lucky number is 4. The day favors friendship, so spend as much time as you can with friends, especially those who may need some moral support. Show your love partner how much you care by planning a romantic evening with all the trimmings.
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Rabbit Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
You might want to take a day trip with your family. Try to keep everybody happy by giving them all a say in what you do. Your negotiating skills could come in handy to resolve any differences. There should be no hurdles in your love life, so set time aside for your partner to include the romantic touches of candles, music, flowers, and a passionate night.
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Horse Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
Your lucky number is 1. Most everything should go your way. Don't pass up any opportunities to get together with people because socializing is favored. A friend may need some comfort and you could be just the person to provide it. Romance is in the air. Wear something red or pink to set the tone and enjoy an evening with your love partner.
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Monkey Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
This is a beneficial time in your love life, especially if you are contemplating marriage. You may find that your investments are doing well and you might be able to help others. There could be something critical that needs to be done around your home, perhaps repairs or a pest problem.
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Rooster Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
If you're thoughtful and caring toward your friends, you could have an enjoyable time and avoid conflicts. With your family, try not to make every difference of opinion into an excuse for an argument. You might need to take a break from people, so go for a drive or at least take a long walk.
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Dog Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
Take advantage of opportunities to socialize today as your honesty and generosity may be in demand. You will probably be happiest socializing with your close friends. You might have to offer moral support to a friend in need. This is a good day for love relationships, so have a romantic night.
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Pig Chinese Wednesday - May 24, 2017
There could be plenty of opportunities for you to socialize today. Try to avoid pessimistic or anxious people. Your friends will gladly provide the support you need to put your plans into action today. This day supports love relationships, so have an intimate night with your love partner.
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Chinese signs and Chinese horoscope

Chinese signs are actually a group plan which assigns a creature and its presumed credits to every year in a repeating order. Chinese signs are actually total 12 which mean it is a cycle of 12 years. It is estimation to the 11.86 year orbital time of Jupiter which is the greatest planet of our planetary group. The planet Jupiter and its varieties stay prominent in a few East Asian nations including Cambodia, China, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Thailand and additionally the Buddhist date-book. This Chinese collection of signs is termed as “Zodiac” which is similar to the superficialities of Western zodiac. Both of them have the time cycles are which are divided into 12 parts. Most of the signs are named on the name of animals. Each of the signs is linked with a specific culture. Each sign describes specific personality of a person which is not identical with the others signs. However, the main difference between Chinese and Western zodiac is that, Chinese 12 cycle parts are linked with years while the Western zodiac is parallel to months.

The Chinese 12 zodiac depends on 12 animals. In western zodiac, some of the signs are of animals only. These zodiac animals are used to give date to the years. A person can find his/her Chinese animal zodiac from birth year according to the Chinese yearly calendar. These signs are known as rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. It is considered that people have a strong link with the animals’ year. Chinese believe that the personality of a person depends a lot on the year he/she is born. This belief is similar to the western zodiac signs. Some of the signs are exact matches while some are only a bit well-matched.