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Daily Chinese Horoscopes

Ox Ox
Goat Goat
Rat Rat
Snake Snake
Dragon Dragon
Tiger Tiger
Rabbit Rabbit
Horse Horse
Monkey Monkey
Rooster Rooster
Dog Dog
Pig Pig
Ox Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
In your career, you won't be immune to difficulties due to an important merger; you'll need much flexibility in order to get off scot-free. Your liver may cause you trouble; refrain from eating foods that are too fatty or rich. Your projects will meet with a favorable reception and you can enlarge your field of action. You'll experience many satisfactions on the material plane, but there may also be some deceptions in the sphere of the heart.
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Goat Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
Money will stream into your pocket, and this is the perfect time to have a little fun with it rather than turning it all into savings. You'll be in great physical form. At work, you'll succeed in having your suggestions accepted. If you plan to change residence, you'll profit by the current favorable astral influences. You'll have the right to an amorous success, which will go beyond your hopes.
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Rat Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
You must show most tender feelings to your loved one eventually. You'll likely feel pains along your vertebrae, so do some mild gymnastic or yoga exercises. Your pet project will come to a good conclusion today. At work, you can expect a promotion or honor. You'll have an interesting exchange of ideas with your friends.
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Snake Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
It's a good day for intensifying contacts with others; conversations will stimulate you. Your working conditions will be harsh, but you'll make noticeable progress. Love will bring broad smiles to your face. Don't let anybody meddle with your private life; be energetic against nuisances. Even though it may seem difficult to you, you must try to relax, to take time to live, to stroll, to dream.
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Dragon Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
Continue being attentive toward someone you've long had designs on; chance will turn in your favor and then you'll have an opportunity to get closer to that person. You'll feel active, enterprising, more sure of yourself and confident in your own talents. Organize your money so as to resist the financial storm that will come soon.
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Tiger Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
In love, you'll have a higher risk of pointless but devastating jealousy; learn to be more confident in yourself and in your significant other. Beware, as money problems may give rise to serious quarrels with your spouse! Also beware of your fits of bad humor, which will subject you to a constant nervous tension. The prospects are good for intellectual workers; but manual workers must beware of accidents.
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Rabbit Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
Some will prefer the happy single life to the constraints of being in a couple; still having a solid partner has its benefits. You'll finally feel the desire to exist by and for yourself. You'll be under almost constant pressure. Despite your best efforts, you won't be able to relax today, but it may all be in your head.
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Horse Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
You'll be able to fight effectively against your easily-influenced nature without going having a permanently conflicted mind. If you're married, you'll have much difficulty keeping things peaceful. Your pathological health anxiety may provoke insomnia and make you sink into depression. A fascinating occupation will help you get rid of your hypochondria.
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Monkey Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
Overworking yourself must be avoided, as your body will be weakened by some rather negative cosmic influences. There's a disturbance coming your way, but don't have too many regrets; after a normal sorrow, you'll feel almost relieved. Sometimes you need something bad to appreciate the good. You'll lack rigor as much as you will patience, and you'll be tempted to drop off certain plans that can't be achieved as quickly as you would wish.
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Rooster Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
You'll create a good work pace, encouraged by concrete results; your ideas and methods will bear their fruits. Don't lose a single minute in pointless gossip. A comical television show or some funny stories will help you drive your bad mood away. The sentimental climate will be rather stormy, poisoned by jealousy and small dramas. You may experience a physical attraction to someone who hardly suits you otherwise.
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Dog Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
Work with others rather than alone; you'll be much more efficient this way. There are no financial worries to be expected. You'll have such brilliant ideas that it would be a pity not to exploit them. Show diplomacy in your relationships with your acquaintances and close circle; thus you'll avoid many misunderstandings and disagreements. This is an excellent day for marriage or going on honeymoon.
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Pig Chinese Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
You may provide the finishing touch to a long-term work project, or you may see one of your dearest ambitions realized. You won't be on the same wavelength as your employer, so don't persist. Instead, adopt a low figure, look for coordination and avoid disputes. Your everyday life will be marked with very pleasant friendly encounters but also with small health problems like a cold or allergies.
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Chinese signs and Chinese horoscope

Chinese signs are actually a group plan which assigns a creature and its presumed credits to every year in a repeating order. Chinese signs are actually total 12 which mean it is a cycle of 12 years. It is estimation to the 11.86 year orbital time of Jupiter which is the greatest planet of our planetary group. The planet Jupiter and its varieties stay prominent in a few East Asian nations including Cambodia, China, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Thailand and additionally the Buddhist date-book. This Chinese collection of signs is termed as “Zodiac” which is similar to the superficialities of Western zodiac. Both of them have the time cycles are which are divided into 12 parts. Most of the signs are named on the name of animals. Each of the signs is linked with a specific culture. Each sign describes specific personality of a person which is not identical with the others signs. However, the main difference between Chinese and Western zodiac is that, Chinese 12 cycle parts are linked with years while the Western zodiac is parallel to months.

The Chinese 12 zodiac depends on 12 animals. In western zodiac, some of the signs are of animals only. These zodiac animals are used to give date to the years. A person can find his/her Chinese animal zodiac from birth year according to the Chinese yearly calendar. These signs are known as rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. It is considered that people have a strong link with the animals’ year. Chinese believe that the personality of a person depends a lot on the year he/she is born. This belief is similar to the western zodiac signs. Some of the signs are exact matches while some are only a bit well-matched.